Current feeling..keep moving on dian!

I already know now, what had been missing in almost all my pray since a few months ago, SINCERITY.
Yeah, not everyone can deliver sincerity in every his/her prays, but for my case, I could say I was in avery critical mode. I didn’t know why. I just figure out, the reason behind me never feel any ‘the most happiest moment’ in each month, thing which I should have at least once every’s caused by my lack of sincerity, how come I ask Allah when I don’t put my heart while asking those favors..shame on me…
But now, since I have known what my problem n still trying to recover myself-to become a much more appropriate human-, I feel extremely happier n happier. I should’ve noted from a long time ago that sincerity in my prays will keep me safe, because Allah need to see my sincerity first (•ˆ⌣ˆ‎​​​​•)

pleaaaase, pleaaaase, iket aku baaang…iket aku bareeeeng >.<

pleaaaase, pleaaaase, iket aku baaang…iket aku bareeeeng >.<

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this is so masterpiece

MR. FISHY, yes you’ve stolen my heart >.<

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